By Horatiu Nastase

the invention of a duality among Anti-de Sitter areas (AdS) and Conformal box Theories (CFT) has ended in significant advances in our realizing of quantum box thought and quantum gravity. String conception equipment and AdS/CFT correspondence maps supply new how one can take into consideration tough condensed subject difficulties. String concept tools according to the AdS/CFT correspondence let us rework difficulties so that they have susceptible interactions and will be solved extra simply. they could additionally support map difficulties to varied descriptions, for example mapping the outline of a fluid utilizing the Navier–Stokes equations to the outline of an occasion horizon of a black gap utilizing Einstein's equations. This textbook covers the functions of string concept tools and the math of AdS/CFT to components of condensed subject physics. Bridging the space among string idea and condensed topic, it is a important textbook for college students and researchers in either fields.

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