By Bruce E. Drushel,Brian M. Peters,Barbara Jane Brickman,Emily Deering Crosby,Tim Cusack,Robert Kellerman,Lauren Levitt,Hannah Lynn,Elizabeth M. Melton,Olivia Oliver-Hopkins,Michael V. Perez,Chris Philpot,Thomas Piontek,Carl Schottmiller

Sontag and the Camp Aesthetic: Advancing New Perspectives marks 50 years of writing and cultural creation at the phenomenon of camp considering the fact that Susan Sontag’s 1964 cornerstone essay “Notes on ‘Camp’.” It offers state of the art concept and figuring out on how you can learn and interpret camp via a suite of essays from historic, theoretical, and cultural views. It comprises assorted topic parts together with camp icons, stylistics classes, and demanding and consultant texts from tv, movie, and literature. those essays create a scholarly dialog that knows camp as not just signifier or aesthetic but in addition a language, mode, and elegance that is going past its preliminary linguistic and semiotic guise. The members, representing a various crew of proven and emerging students, discover camp as a mostly queer style that comes with various modes of realizing of hope and of the self open air a hegemonic version of heteronormativity.

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