By T. Amemiya

Retinal and choroidal vasculatures are simply stricken by numerous systemic ailments, and alterations within the retina can simply be saw with a variety of approaches similar to direct and oblique ophthalmoscopy, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, fluorescein fundus angiography, and indocyanin eco-friendly fundus angiography. Vascular alterations are the most important, so much sought after, and most crucial fundus alterations. The above-mentioned tactics can show vascular alterations essentially, yet more often than not show adjustments within the superficial layer of the retina. additionally, those systems can't convey the third-dimensional structure of the retina. frequently we will be able to slightly receive the view of that 3­ dimensional structure. while, pathological findings are good defined, yet such a lot of them are in line with histological and cytological equipment. hence, 3-dimensional description of pathology is uncommon. Vascular corrosion solid scanning electron microscopy offers a really necessary 3-dimensional view of the microvasculature and will exhibit the advantageous structural structure of the capillary community. even if, the appliance of this technique to the retinal and choroidal vasculature is especially tricky, particularly in small eyes. We succeeded in making solid corrosion casts of retinal and choroidal vessels within the rat. utilizing this technique up to now 10 years we now have tested the retinal and choroidal vascular structure of rats with a variety of systemic illnesses corresponding to getting older, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and arteriosclerosis.

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