By Vadim S. Anishchenko,Vladimir Astakhov,Alexander Neiman,Tatjana Vadivasova,Lutz Schimansky-Geier

We current a far better and enlarged model of our ebook Nonlinear - namics of Chaotic and Stochastic platforms released by means of Springer in 2002. primarily, the hot version of the e-book corresponds to its ?rst model. whereas preparingthiseditionwemadesomeclari?cationsinseveralsectionsandalso corrected the misprints spotted in a few formulation. along with, 3 new sections were extra to bankruptcy 2. they're “Statistical houses of Dynamical Chaos,” “E?ects of Synchronization in prolonged Self-Sustained Oscillatory Systems,” and “Synchronization in residing Systems.” The sections indicated re?ect the main attention-grabbing effects got via the authors after e-book of the ?rst variation. we are hoping that the hot variation of the publication could be of significant curiosity for a widesectionofreaderswhoarealreadyspecialistsorthosewhoarebeginning examine within the ?elds of nonlinear oscillation and wave conception, dynamical chaos, synchronization, and stochastic procedure conception. Saratov, Berlin, and St. Louis V.S. Anishchenko November 2006 A.B. Neiman T.E. Vadiavasova V.V. Astakhov L. Schimansky-Geier Preface to the 1st version Thisbookisdevotedtotheclassicalbackgroundandtocontemporaryresults on nonlinear dynamics of deterministic and stochastic structures. huge attentionisgiventothee?ectsofnoiseonvariousregimesofdynamicsystems with noise-induced order. at the one hand, there exists a wealthy literature of fine books on n- linear dynamics and chaos; however, there are lots of awesome monographs and textbooks at the statistical physics of far-from-equilibrium andstochasticprocesses.Thisbookisanattempttocombinetheapproachof nonlinear dynamics in response to the deterministic evolution equations with the method of statistical physics in keeping with stochastic or kinetic equations. one in all our major goals is to teach the $64000 position of noise within the association and houses of dynamic regimes of nonlinear dissipative systems.

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