By Martin O. Yalcin

Naturalism’s Philosophy of the Sacred: Justus Buchler, Karl Jaspers, and George Santayana
offers an interpretation of the sacred in response to the ordinal naturalism of Justus Buchler, some of the most very important philosophers of the 20th century whose paintings is experiencing a renaissance. This ebook seeks to discover universal floor among theists and atheists by way of arguing that spiritual ideals might be retained simply because they supply a poetic reaction to nature’s mysteries, whereas additionally addressing the atheist’s issues concerning the tendency of spiritual believers to demonize nonbelievers and to idolize their very own conceptions of the sacred. the center of Martin O. Yalcin’s argument is that non secular violence could be traced to the idea that God is much extra genuine and accordingly way more precious than nature. unlike this view, he develops a philosophy of the sacred from the point of view of ontological parity which holds that every one issues are both actual. He argues that once the sacred is leveled to the aircraft of nature as one in every of its innumerable orders, then the virtues of piety and charity exchange the vices of demonization and idolization so obtrusive in religions that insist at the utter incommensurability of God with appreciate to the created order. during constructing a classy interpretation of the sacred, Yalcin explores not just the metaphysical different types of Justus Buchler, but additionally these of Karl Jaspers and George Santayana. The discussion with Jaspers reveals absolutely the otherness of the sacred because the intrinsically unethical size of any variation of theism. Having undermined the entire absolution of the sacred, Naturalism’s Philosophy of the Sacred indicates another aesthetic type of sacred engagement that piggybacks on Santayana’s completely usual poetic rendition of the sacred.

This ebook should be of significant price to scholars and students operating in departments of faith, philosophy, and theology.

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