By Andrei Ludu

The central
theme of this ebook is the level to which the constitution of the loose dynamical
boundaries of a approach controls the evolution of the process as a complete. Applying
three orthogonal kinds of considering - mathematical, constructivist and
morphological, it illustrates those suggestions utilizing functions to selected
problems from the social and lifestyles sciences, in addition to economics.

 In a broader
context, it introduces and reports a few sleek mathematical techniques to the
science of complicated platforms. average modeling ways (based on non-linear
differential equations, dynamic platforms, graph thought, mobile automata,
stochastic strategies, or details conception) are appropriate for learning local
problems. although they can't concurrently consider the entire different
facets and phenomena of a fancy method, and new methods are required to solve
the hard challenge of correlations among phenomena at diverse levels
and hierarchies, their self-organization and memory-evolutive elements, the growth
of extra constructions and are finally required to provide an explanation for why and how
such advanced platforms can show either robustness and flexibility.

  This graduate-level
text additionally addresses a broader interdisciplinary viewers, holding the
mathematical point primarily uniform through the e-book, and regarding only
basic components from calculus, algebra, geometry and platforms theory.


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